Genesis Church invites everyone to consider reading through the bible in one year.  Here are three important don'ts:

The 3 Don'ts
1) You don't need to attend Genesis (in fact you don't need to attend any church to participate)

2) You don't need to believe in the bible.

3) You don't even need to be a Christian.  Be anything or be nothing,  it doesn't matter.  You are still invited to read this ageless fascinating book,  then draw your own conclusions.

Reading through the bible in one year can be a daunting project.  Here are some suggestions that might help you:

Help for you!Help

1) Find a friend.  An accountability buddy will be of enormous value!

2) Find a version that you like.  Doesn't matter if no one else uses it.  Do you like it?  You will read it.  (p.s. We have Daily Walk Bibles available for $5.00.  If you need one we will get you one.  The Youversion Bible App works well too.  It has many 365 daily reading plans.  Download it,  pick your plan and use it daily.

3) As you read keep a highlighter in hand.  Mark up sections that you want to ponder.  Ask questions.  Make comments and recommendations.  Post your insights.  Be helpful to everyone.

4) Find and use other sources.  Wiki,,,,  Ect.  Use any tool that helps you understand the setting and the message.  If you find something useful (if you have that: Ah Ha moment),  you must must post it so others can consider it aw well.  Share, Share, Share to encourage all.

5) Find a vocal reader....  that's right, and out loud reader.  Try   A reader creates a good pace,  gets you through all the "begats" and other pronunciations challenges.  Call us crazy but getting the bible read to you as you follow along is on way of surviving.Think

6) Be consistent.  Sixteen minutes every day and you will finish with a month to spare.  If you determine to read one Psalm or chapter of Proverbs after the normal scheduled daily reading,  you will create and 85 day cushion.  That's up to 85 days you can sleep in and still finish on time.

SO GET FIRED UP!  Make a commitment. Use any aid that makes the journey more interesting.  Remember:  the goal is not to make you smarter; the goal is to helps us see as God sees.


Bible Study Tools can be a great aid to you for understanding the bible - in many ways but let me share two:

1. Bible Dictionary - If you go to - in the upper left corner of the home page you will see a drop down bar that contains Dictionaries. If you click on that you can choose between several (take sometime to investigate them). Bakers Evangelical Dictionary is a suitable one.

2. Bible commentary - If you go to - in the upper left corner of the home page you will see a drop down bar that contains Commentaries. These are books written by scholars who have made "comments" about passages in the bible. They are NOT the bible but offer some help in understanding (if you are struggling). Matthew Henry is a helpful commentary on this list.

"If I could see as God sees,  I would do what God says."  - Andy Stanley

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