We partner with families

We believe that the parent(s) have more impact on their children's spiritual development than any other person, church worker or teacher ever could. In fact we estimate that on average a child will attend our program for 25 hours a year. Compare that number to the 3,000 discretionary hours that parents have available to spend with their children. Who has the greater opportunity to steer a life? Therefore, we want to do whatever we can to help equip, resource and support parents to be the primary spiritual leaders in their homes. 


If you are checking out this page, it is because you might be thinking about dropping off your most precious treasure(s) while you get to go enjoy the adult service. Well, we couldn't be more honored and more excited for the privilege of spending an hour with your child.

So how do I do it? Where do I go? What do I need to do in advance? What age children get to participate? Well, below we have some answers to these frequently asked questions.

Where do I go?

When you come to the Middle School you will be met by a friendly face who will direct you from the front doors of the school to our Kids Check in station where another friendly face will walk you through our check in process.  If you would like to register your kids right now you can click here.


How do I check in?

When you arrive at the school you will be directed to our friendly check in attendant.  You will need to give us some basic information about your family and yourself.  Kids will receive a check in tag with their name on it and you will receive a security tag with the matching secure code.


What programs are offered?

Nursery Nursery for children birth - 23months

Explorers 2's and 3's Explorers

trailblazers 4yrs - Kindergarten Trailblazers

discovery 1st and 2nd Grade - DIscovery Zone

high adventure 3rd - 5th Grade - High Adventure




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