Christmas Giving

Spring Hill Day Camp at the Genesis Center


Spring Hill Day Camp at the Genesis Center - Christian summer camps offer unique and special ways for our kids to connect with God. This past August, we brought Spring Hill’s weeklong Day Camp to the Genesis Center and over 140 community kids enjoyed high-energy activities and a great program of sharing the Gospel of Jesus! In August 2019, we are excited to bring Spring Hill Day Camp back. Last year, we were able subsidize costs to make this possible for more families and are doing the same this year.  Our goal is to raise $15,000 so that the cost per camper will be reduced by $75-$100, and we will be able to offer larger scholarships to others. If you are interested in seeing kids in our church and our community impacted for spiritual growth, please consider making a donation to this project.

Ghana Medical Health Clinic


Ghana Medical Health Clinic Construction - A little over a year ago, Dr. Eugene and Allison Wang had the opportunity to scout out a great Kingdom investment opportunity in the rural town of Akplale, Ghana. GCM has a small, rural health clinic there that services over 10,000 patients and performs over 700 deliveries each year. Genesis was able to contribute to this mission by providing funds through the 2017 year-end giving that enabled them to expand their clinic into a regional hospital. The main hospital is complete enabling them to better serve the people of Akplale and surrounding areas. Since finishing construction, multiple aide agencies have provided malaria and HIV medications to make the facility a regional treatment center. The hope is to create a prototype integrated clinic providing OB, Malaria, and HIV care in addition to general medical care to decrease the social stigma of treatment of HIV. Part of properly resourcing this clinic for the new growth requires finishing the nurses’ quarters behind the clinic. Genesis would join three other churches in funding this project. Ghana Christian Mission is looking to raise $12,397 from Genesis to cover finishing the nurses’ quarters, gravel road, and filling in the front of the clinic. This would optimize the function and accessibility of the clinic. We have a great opportunity as a church to continue to partner with GCM to help reach the people of Ghana for Christ! You can learn more about GCM at:

Genesis Fellowship Deck

GenesisDeckwebGenesis Center Fellowship Deck - The original plans for the Genesis Center included an outdoor patio/deck that was put on hold due to budget constraints. This space is approximately 2000 sq. ft. Composite, maintenance-free materials would mostly be used. This Fellowship Deck will give us wonderful space in the beautiful times of year for friendships and relationship connections to grow deeper.  Small groups, classes, play groups, youth ministry, post-Gathering visiting, wedding receptions, barbeques, coffee visits, and more, are all uses. The renderings that you can click on below are conceptual, as the design and engineering need to be finalized and reviewed for final approval. Money has already been set aside for this project, therefore, our goal is $15,000. A $75 contribution pays for 10 linear feet of the Fellowship Deck.


Orphan Helpers Success Academy

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Success Academy in El Salvador and Honduras: Both of these countries are plagued by economic hardship and are overrun with gangs and violence. The environment offers little hope for the youth, and numerous youth end up incarcerated in prisons. In November, Mike and Andrea Schuitema from Genesis traveled to witness firsthand the life-changing work that is happening through the Orphan Helpers Success Academy. The Academy offers faith formation and life skills classes taught by Christians who serve as leaders, mentors, and role-models for youth who are in desperate need of hope and guidance. In essence, the Success Academy prepares these troubled youth with a hopeful future. We are looking to support the Success Academy classes in two specific detention centers. The Jalteva center is a minimum-security prison and Rebirth is a maximum-security prison. Our goal of $7,500 would support both Jalteva and Rebirth centers by providing the following needed supplies and equipment: uniforms, binders, DVD player, whiteboard, tables, chairs, camera, projector, and screen.


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